Peach Girl - 2: Trap Kiss

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:2: Trap Kiss
After the incident in which Kairi nearly drowned at the swimming pool, Touji tells Momo that contrary to what she had heard, he doesn't dislike dark-skinned girls--and he definitely likes her. Momo cannot believe how well things have turned out for her, except that now that she's being seen with Touji, the word is that she's constantly jumping from one boyfriend to another, so she asks Touji to keep their romance a secret--especially from Sae. But Sae has a way of learning everything, and becomes jealous when she hears schoolgirls praising Touji. She tells Momo she has a boyfriend who is moving too fast--Touji! Momo refuses to believe her, until she finds a certain object in Touji's wallet...
You'd think Sae was the devil herself, what with her talent to sow distrust and sabotage other people's romances. She's almost too good at it to believe! Fortunately, Touji is far from an idiot and doesn't fall for every trick she pulls--which makes this series believable and intriguing.

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