Peach Girl - 19: A Puzzle of Feelings

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:19: A Puzzle of Feelings
After confessing his love to Misao, only to be told that she would always think of him as a sort of younger brother, Kairi calls Momo and tells her what has happened. "Just because it didn't work out with Misao-chan" he says, "I can't move on with you right away". He says he needs some time to himself to understand his own feelings. Momo tells him she has booked their trip to the seashore at the end of summer vacation, then says goodbye for the time being. She returns to her job at the convenience store, and is shocked to find Kairi's replacement behind the counter--Touji! He asks why Kairi quit, and Sae tells him everything. Meanwhile, at a Soba shop Kairi finds that a pickpocket has stolen his wallet. The owner's wife takes pity on him after hearing his story and offers him a job there. Back at the convenience store Sae tells Touji that she has deleted all the photos that she had used to blackmail him into breaking up with Momo (who overhears), and is "setting him free". Momo soon learns the whole story, and realizes she was wrong to assume that only she had suffered as a result of the breakup. She thanks Touji and they go to a fireworks festival together. Kairi gets a call from Misao, who says she's been thinking about what he said about being honest with one's feelings and intends to try to tell Ryo how she really feels about him. While thinking about the call and a parable the shop owner told him, Kairi suddenly feels dizzy and collapses on the seashore...
Sae seems to be acting as a sort of mischievious matchmaker to atone for messing up Momo and Touji's romance--she's a lot more fun this way. I'm glad the whole blackmail business has finally come to an end--it just didn't work for me, it seemed like a cheap trick to get Momo to switch boyfriends yet again. The show as a whole is more interesting and sometimes touching now.

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