Peach Girl - 16: The Future of Fallen Love

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:16: The Future of Fallen Love
While Momo was talking with Misao at her apartment, Kairi unexpectedly came by as well. When he cannot explain his relationship with Misao (other than saying "I'm sorry") Momo concludes that he must still be in love with her, and was lying all along when he said he loved her. "I can't believe anything anymore" she laments. In school friends notice the bad mood Momo is in, and urge her to make up with Kairi, but she refuses to forgive him. Touji was listening, and mentions later that Sae has been seeing Ryo and has said she wants to break up with him. But he refuses, since "the facts of the situation won't change no matter what I do". Later, Kairi appears at the swimming pool, and asks Momo to hear his explanation. Initially she refuses, but after he employs a drastic tactic she has no choice but to listen. He tells her he was ecstatic when they first started dating, but lost his confidence when she got serious. He assures Momo he loves her, but admits he still has feelings for Misao because she was the first person who accepted him as the person he really was, not just as Ryo's little brother. Unlike all other girls she seemed to only be interested in him when she was his tutor, but eventually she quit because just like every other girl she actually loved Ryo. Kairi felt betrayed, and made his half-hearted suicide attempt by swimming far out to sea. Afterwards he learned that whereas everyone else had given up and gone home, Misao had continued searching for him until she found him. He fell completely in love with her, and "decided I didn't care who she was in love with". Thus, Momo cannot be the one girl he loves the most--she would only be his "second best". "At first I was shocked and hurt that you'd lied to me" Momo says, "but I understand how you feel". Nevertheless, Kairi decides it would be best for Momo if they broke up...
Kinda touching, and also kinda confusing. Momo goes from deeply in love to heartbroken so suddenly that I initially thought I'd missed an episode. Momo's love pendullum has clearly started swinging away from Kairi and back to Touji. I wish Touji would explain Sae's blackmail scheme, which caused him to break up with Momo, so we can put that behind us once and for all. On the plus side, the willingness of characters (especially Kairi) to love even if their love is not returned, is interesting.

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