Peach Girl - 15: Who's Your True Love?

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:15: Who's Your True Love?
When Ryo grabs her and says "It's really such a waste for you to be Kairi's girlfriend", it finally dawns on Momo that she has completely misjudged this guy and is in big trouble. She manages to break loose and run, meeting Kairi in the hallway. While he is calming her down, Sae enters Ryo's room and finds him injured. He tells her that Momo did this to him because she was "angry that I refused her". He tells Sae that she was right when she told him earlier that Momo was a playgirl who stole good girl's boyfriends--which is just what Sae wants to hear. Meanwhile, Kairi is astonished to hear all the lies Ryo has told Momo. Momo admits she kissed him, but Kairi doesn't mind. At school Sae taunts Momo, because she thinks she has stolen Momo's boyfriend yet again. Momo asks why she wants Ryo as her boyfriend when she has Touji already. Sae says she is tired of Touji and offers to return him to Momo--but Momo is now in love with Kairi. Later, Kairi says he's going to go confront Ryo at his business over what happened yesterday. Momo insists on going along, so Kairi gives her a tiny tear-gas sprayer to defend herself in case of trouble...
Momo's continually bouncing back and forth between Kairi and Touji has got to be handled very delicately, or else she could easily come off as a scatterbrained, flighty girl who is more annoying than sympathetic. Are her changes of heart due to circumstances beyond her control--other people's schemes, or coincidences--or is she just incapable of making up her mind? To her credit, admitting to Kairi that she had kissed Ryo before Kairi heard about it from somebody else was a good move. Why does she care so much about Sae getting into trouble with Ryo, when Sae has screwed her over time after time?

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