Peach Girl - 14: The Man Who Calls Forth a Storm

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:14: The Man Who Calls Forth a Storm
Momo finds Kairi and Morika together in a bookstore, and hears him agree to come to a hotel room. She confronts him, calls him an idiot, and when he tries to follow her home, punches him. She concludes that Kairi and Morika still have feelings for each other, and the next day goes to the hotel room and frantically beats on the door. To her surprise, it's Kairi's brother Ryo who answers. Kairi and Morika arrive, and Morika immediately slaps Ryo for avoiding her--then kisses him. Momo is dumbfounded, until Kairi explains that Morika only wanted him to arrange a meeting between her and Ryo. Since she thought she was on the verge of losing him, Momo realises just how important Kairi is to her--and then he makes a crude joke about how they should get a hotel room themselves. He twists her words into an agreement to take a weekend trip to the beach together. Later, Ryo pulls up in his fancy car and asks Momo to talk to him. Sae happens to come walking along, complaining about how her dates with Touji are going nowhere, and blushes at the sight of the handsome man who is talking to Momo. At a coffee shop Ryo gives his version of what has happened between himself, Morika and Kairi. He tells Momo he's noticed how dating her has made Kairi so cheerful lately, and she comes away thinking of him as a great guy to have as a brother. Later she mentions the meeting to Kairi, and the good impression of Ryo she was left with. "He's just like Sae!" an angry Kairi replies. "He spends his life stealing things away from others". Later, Momo notices the trouble Kairi has gone to to plan their trip to the beach, and calls to apologize and propose that they meet somewhere...
Ha! I told you that bookstore incident would turn out to be a misunderstanding, didn't I? It's not exactly a good sign when the plot gets predictable like that. I read a review which claimed that the original manga was largely spoiled by the characters becoming "morons" around halfway through, and I fear we're seeing signs of that in the anime version. You would think Momo would have gained some sense about what to believe and what not to believe by now, wouldn't you? Whatever happened to Touji, who Momo was supposed to have liked for years? Sae showing up again was fun, though.

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