Peach Girl - 13: Shock! An Intruding Ex-Girlfriend!?

Title:Peach Girl
Episode:13: Shock! An Intruding Ex-Girlfriend!?
Word gets around that Kairi and Momo have kissed, and his three female admirers demand that she break up with him, since they assume she is just going out with him to get over being dumped by Touji. Momo claims she does love him, or else they wouldn't have kissed. Later, Momo and Kairi talk about the time he nearly drowned in the ocean, and when she asks why he swam out so far from shore he says he hoped he would drown--then insists he was just joking. In the school infirmary, Momo learns that the nurse, Misao-chan, was once the girlfriend of Kairi's brother, until he dumped her. Furthermore, Misao-chan says Kairi has a sort of inferiority complex in regard to his brother. He used to repeatedly run away from home, and refused to attend school, to the extent that his brother asked her to tutor him at home. Momo realizes how little she really knows about Kairi. She finds a student handbook he dropped, and inside is a photo of him with another girl. She asks who the girl is, but he says not to worry, that was all in the past. Just then, a car pulls up and the very same girl steps out!
I went into this episode desperate for a satisfactory resolution of the implausible breakup between Momo and Touji. But if I can't have that, I guess sidestepping the issue for the time being is the next best thing! (neither Touji nor Sae appear at all in this episode). The thought occured to me that relatively serious romance series like this one need far more plausible plots than the comedy romance anime I'm used to--that would explain why I've been getting frustrated with Peach Girl over the past several episodes. At one point Momo asks herself "when did I fall this deeply in love with Okayasu (Kairi)?" So you're telling me that in the space of one or two episodes she's gone from considering him a comforting friend to "deeply in love"? I don't know... It seems forced. I just know the incident at the end of this episode will turn out to be a misunderstanding. I've got a feeling Momo may wind up involved with this mysterious brother as well.

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