Genshiken - 7: The Charachteristics of Decision Making Regarding Interpersonal Relations

Episode:7: The Charachteristics of Decision Making Regarding Interpersonal Relations
A new school year is beginning, and Kohsaka wonders if Genshiken will have any new members. Saki hopes not, since that would only make it more difficult to persuade him to quit. A mention of the "Chairman" on Kujian causes Saki to ask what has become of Genshiken's Chairman--nobody has seen him for awhile or seems to have any idea what he's up to. In fact, the Chairman (or is it "President"?) turns up, but announces that he's been thinking about retiring from the position. He has collected the data he needs to write his graduate thesis, and nominates Madarame as his successor. Later, Kohsaka tells Saki that two potential new members, Sawazaki and Kuchiki, are coming to observe a meeting. Saki does her best to dissuade them, even cooking up a bizarre story in an attempt to scare them off. The two are not so easily discouraged, and are invited to a welcome party. There, the established Genshiken members get a taste of the true personalities of these new recruits...
Perhaps the moral of the story is that although otakus may be frowned upon, they are by no means the most obnoxious and annoying people around. I've got a feeling that the Chairman's thesis will be based on observations he has made of the Genshiken members. My first glance at Kuchiki reminded me of characters from the Ping Pong Club, who actually have a sort of oriental look to them--after that, he looked pretty average. Notice the Mahoro costume Ohno wears at the Genshiken recruitment booth.

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