Genshiken - 6: Maintaining Relationships With Others Through a Subculture

Episode:6: Maintaining Relationships With Others Through a Subculture
Saki finds herself being virtually ignored by Kohsaka as he plays a video game. She asks him if he would prefer a girlfriend who played games with him, but he assures her that he likes her as she is. Nevertheless, she's bored and worried about their future. At the club room, she asks Madarame and Sasahara if a boy could really be more interested in an anime than in having sex (in a roundabout manner). They decide that what really matters about a potential girlfriend would be whether she was an otaku herself. "That's what we think about all the time--anime, games and nothing else". Surely Kohsaka thinks the same way, or else he wouldn't have become the superb gamer that he is. Saki decides she will learn to play a game, in hopes of making herself more interesting to Kohsaka.

Later, while in the club room Sasahara recieves a cell phone call from his younger sister. He takes great pains to convince the Genshiken members that they would find her completely uninteresting, but both Saki and the male members cannot resist the temptation to meet this person...
This one was basically two different stories packaged together in the same episode. Especially funny were Sasahara's reply to the question of how a year's membership at Genshiken had "matured" him, and Madarame's suggestion of a method to save enough money to buy a computer.

Forbin I like Sasahara's sister and how she is such a 'KoGal'. She just neededs the tanned face to complete that picture :) BTW I was shopping in Fry's and Found PuyoPop (The game Saki plays) on the shelf for the Nintendo DS. Yikes! Reality Check!

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