Genshiken - 5: The Boundary Between Acceptance and Rejection Through Autonomous Behavior

Episode:5: The Boundary Between Acceptance and Rejection Through Autonomous Behavior
Without warning, the Extracurricular Activity Student Council has posted a list of questionable clubs which are to be terminated--and Genshiken is among them. The members wonder why Genshiken is getting the axe, since it isn't a total sham like most of the other clubs. Saki is delighted, until the obnoxious Haraguchi stops by to invite Kohsaka and Ohno to transfer to the Manga Club--the others are not welcome. Saki can't stand Haraguchi, or the possibility of her beloved Kohsaka winding up a member of his club. She's also disgusted by the apathetic attitude of the other Genshiken members, who seem resigned to their fate. Saki drags Ohno with her to the Student Council office, where she engages in a fiery argument with Vice-Chairman Kitagawa. She finds herself in the unlikely role of defending Genshiken, and video games and anime as well. "It's obvious", she declares, "that you're just trying to get rid of Genshiken through a malicious and twisted interpretation of their activities!". Afterwards, she asks the Genshiken members if they know of any dirty secrets she could use to get back at Kitagawa. The Chairman has an idea...
Don't miss the chance to read the list of bogus clubs that have been targetted for termination--or the new ones that are to replace them. Somehow, the second half of this episode seemed kind of dull in comparison to the previous episodes (though something important happens at the very end). I was wondering why distinguished VA Ueda Yuuji was being "wasted" in the role of the Genshiken Chairman, who seldom speaks, but he finally did some talking in this episode. Have you noticed how we haven't a clue what subjects any of the characters are majoring in at the university? That's the way it should be--pure, noble passions like anime and manga must not be corrupted by nonsense like career choices!

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