Genshiken - 3: Problems and Merits of Local Culture Promotion

Episode:3: Problems and Merits of Local Culture Promotion
Sasahara endures an early morning trip on a crowded train to ComiFes (Comic Festival), a fabulous convention/sale of amateur manga. Along with the other Genshiken members, he must stand in line for hours in the rain. Madarame cannot contain his energy and decides to go for a little run while Sasahara saves his place in line. He slips and injures his hand--seriously, it turns out. But he refuses to be deterred by such a trivial thing, not when "after surviving even the trap known as 'limited edition items' we're finally face-to-face with a mountain of treasures!". Sasahara struggles to overcome his embarassment and browse through questionable Doujinshi. He runs into Haraguchi, who tries to persuade him that his fellow Genshiken members are a bunch of losers and he should transfer to the manga club...
For some reason, watching this episode made me ask myself what is the most unusual, even outrageous, thing I have ever done to express my love of anime? Perhaps carving Halloween Jack-o-lanterns with the faces of favorite anime characters? Or sculpting a 1/32 scale epoxy figure of Misato from Evangelion in her colorful NERV uniform? Or perhaps simply spending hours of time creating these episode review pages? Anyway, I am resisting the temptation to watch the remaining Genshiken episodes until I get caught up with these episode reviews, and it isn't easy! For some reason I didn't remember this one to be nearly as funny the first time I watched it as I found it to be as I rewatched it yet again. It seems to keep me constantly giggling with all sorts of little jokes, plus occasionally laughing out loud--all-in-all, a good deal more humor than is packaged in the average comedy anime!

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