Genshiken - 12: The Countermeasures for the Issues That Occur During the Reorganization of a Group

Episode:12: The Countermeasures for the Issues That Occur During the Reorganization of a Group
Morale is low among the Genshiken members as half-hearted meetings are held in the various members' rooms. Saki meets the original Chairman and asks if he knows of anything she can do to fix the problems that have resulted from the fire she accidentally started. There's nothing he can do for her, but he believes Genshiken won't be disbanded altogether--more likely it will be temporarily closed and the members will have to perform some sort of volunteer work. He turns out to be right. While the members remove items from the club room before it is locked up, Saki breaks down crying. Madarame wants everyone to leave so that Kohsaka can console her, but the others demand that he take responsibility, since it was his comments that hurt her feelings. An awkward situation ensues. The Genshiken members get their assignments for volunteer work, and are horrified to find that none of them will be free to attend the winter Comifes--except for Saki, that is. After expressing her displeasure to Madarame, she agrees to one last "Penalty Game" assignment...
Man, so many priceless images slip past me unnoticed when I'm reading subtitles! I was sure the original Chairman would unveil some sort of embarassing psychological study based on his observations of the group, but it didn't happen. Maybe it still will--I hear there's a second season of Genshiken in the works. The ED sequence suggests a new member (with an odd hairstyle) may turn up, and I'm curious about how a project that is proposed by the new Chairman will go. So, plenty of openings for a continuation of the story. There never was all that much of an ongoing plot, but it's good to see that the club is on it's feet again as the first run concludes.

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