Genshiken - 11: The Theory of the Existence of Malice Within Urban Crimes

Episode:11: The Theory of the Existence of Malice Within Urban Crimes
Saki is not in a good mood after an accident in Kohsaka's messy apartment. She is frustrated to learn that whereas Madarame has nothing new in mind for the upcoming school festival, the Anime and Manga Clubs are cooperating with local city governments to hold an ambitious "Anime Fest". Genshiken has not been invited to participate--except for Ohno, in the Anime Fest cosplay contest. Getting hit by a box falling off a shelf makes Saki angry, and she demands that the room be put in order, or else she will stop coming to meetings. She becomes careless, and a fire breaks out among the stacks of manga that have been carted out of the room. As a result, Genshiken is banned from the school fair and from their club room for an unspecified period of time. Ohno is angry at Saki because the stagnant water Saki accidentally splashed her with during the fire has made her ill. If she cannot take part in the Anime Fest cosplay contest, she has a substitute in mind...
Somehow this show manages to have me continually smiling and giggling, even if it doesn't make me Laugh Out Loud all that much. I doubt if it would have the same effect if it was about some hobby I'm not interested in. The "Tearful Pleading Act" was my favorite part of this episode. What a tragedy that fire was--I accumulate all sorts of printed matter, and I only wish my room was as clean as the Genshiken one. I, by the way, would rather die than appear in costume in front of a live audience...

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