Mai-HiME - 9: First Division

Episode:9: First Division
Beach Episode. Everyone is out in their bikini's having fun.

Natsuki sneaks out at night and takes Mai and Mikoto out to a deserted island. This used to be the home of the First Division and it turns out Natsuki's Mom used to be a major researcher into Hime's.

Note : No HIME of the week. In fact, no sign of Orphans anywhere.
OMG Natsuki proves yet again that she can be sexy if need be. Also that to infiltrate a government hideout you MUST be dressed in a black skintight 2 piece complete with side arm accessories :)

Looks like the 1st division has done their job, no one really notices that Akane is gone. Rumor has it that she eloped with her boyfriend (You know the guy who DIED in Episode 8)

Note : At this time we learn that Nagi works for the 1st division too.

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