Bleach - 8: June 17, Memory of Rain

Episode:8: June 17, Memory of Rain
Ichigo, his father and his sisters are on their way to visit his mother's grave on the anniversary of her death. Rukia turns up at the cemetary, waiting for them. She suspects that his mother might have been killed by mistake by a hollow that was actually after him, but Ichigo insists that's impossible, because he knows exactly who killed her--he did. At school, Tatsuki-chan remembers Ichigo's strong bond to his mother, and how he seemed to search for her after her death. Rukia is wondering what exactly Ichigo meant when she senses a Shinigami watching her. It is Saidou Eikichirou of the "Secret Mobile Unit", and he wants to know why she hasn't returned to the spirit world yet. She insists she is only doing her job, but Saidou implies she's staying for "pleasures of the flesh" with Ichigo. Summoned by Kon, Ichigo arrives just after Rukia declares that she doesn't intend to return for the time being. Ichigo identifies himself as a "substitute Death God", which appalls Saidou. "That's a freakin' felony!" he declares, and a duel begins between the two of them...
Though Ichigo blames himself for his mother's death, Rukia seems to have been correct about the circumstances, since Saidou mentions that the mother was killed by a hollow. I find Saidou's clever manner of levelling indirect accusations to be amusing--I kind of like him! He seemed to be living in the past in the last episode, though it wasn't clear if he was in the spirit world or this one.

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