Bleach - 12: Gentle Right Arm

Episode:12: Gentle Right Arm
For their match, Ishida proposes that he and Ichigo use a special bait to attract hollows, and whichever one of them can defeat the most within 24 hours will be the winner. Ichigo objects that this would endanger the townspeople, but Ishida boasts that he can kill every hollow that appears all by himself, and scatters the bait. Ichigo is furious, but Ishida points out that he had better release him and begin defending the town from the coming onrush of hollows. He also reminds Ichigo that hollows prefer to prey on those with unusual spiritual powers, which Ichigo realizes would mean his sisters are in jeopardy. At school, Tatsuki ponders the ability she has gained to see ghosts, and also the identical dreams which she and Orihime seem to have shared. Meanwhile, Ishida has taken the lead as he despatches eleven hollows in rapid succession. At Urahara's place, Rukia wonders why her Spirit Phone is getting so many hollow readings, and why they then disappear just as quickly. Chad comes under attack by a hollow, and teams up with Karin to fight it off...
Who would have expected to see ghosts behaving like idiots, because they assume nobody can see them? The spirit comedy of this show reminds me of Haunted Junction. Ichigo and Ishida's match will take more than one episode to be completed, as Chad gets the limelight this time. We learn something about his troubled past, and his vow to use his awesome strength to protect people rather than harm them.

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