Bleach - 11: Legendary Quincy

Episode:11: Legendary Quincy
Ichigo, "Kuchiki" (Rukia) and their friends are lectured about disgracing the school through their actions at the hospital (which were broadcast throughout the country). Afterwards, Rukia gets a call on her Spirit Phone, but it only leads her and Ichigo to the terrified ghost of an overweight man cowering in an alley. Apparently, someone else dealt with the hollow before they arrived. Later, Rukia gets another call, but it is likewise a false alarm. They are confronted by a strange man, who knows who they are and their secret roles as Shinigami (Death Gods). The man produces a fantastic weapon and effortlessly takes out a hollow which appears nearby. He introduces himself as fellow student Ishida Ametatsu, aka "Quincy"--and makes it clear that he hates Shinigami. Ichigo is thoroughly pissed, and the next day follows Ishida after school. Ishida is aware of this--"It's because you let your spirit power leak out like an idiot". Rukia meanwhile goes to Urahara with some questions about Ishida. Ishida challenges Ichigo to a "match", to demonstrate which of them is superior and why Shinigami are unneccessary in this world...
I've got a feeling, based in part on the OP sequence and in part on the anime I've watched in general, that Ishida/Quincy will wind up a friend and comrade of Ichigo. One neat thing about this show is that there are few two-dimensional "bad guys"--even hollows are supposed to be purified and sent to the Soul Society, not destroyed outright (which is the approach Ishida takes). Another fun thing is the bizarre quirks characters tend to have--such as the unlikely club Ishida belongs to (and he really is quite skillful!).

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