Bleach - 10: Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground!

Episode:10: Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground!
The highly popular TV show "Drop-In Holy Ground" is making a broadcast from a condemned hospital, where it is supposedly possible to hear the "screams of angry spirits". Don Kan'onji, "The charismatic spiritual medium of the new century", will be the special guest. Though Ichigo hates "ghost shows", he is dragged to the site by his friends. Rukia explains that if there really are any ghosts in the building, they would be of the "earth-bound" type, which are hard to detect and only show themselves when someone intrudes on their territory. Such a ghost is indeed present--it may eventually degrade into a hollow, but as long as it doesn't recieve any strange stimuli to the hole in it's chest there's nothing to worry about. And then Don Kan'onji promptly jabs his "Must Kill Spirit Stick" squarely into the hole...
Ha! Probably my favorite episode so far. Kan'onji didn't turn out to be a total charlatan and ass, as I'd been expecting, which was neat. And best of all, it was funny!

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