Boukyaku no Senritsu - 9: Ape-Man Bay (Monster Agent - Monkey, Monster - ??? Bowler)

Title:Boukyaku no Senritsu
Episode:9: Ape-Man Bay (Monster Agent - Monkey, Monster - ??? Bowler)
Story Line
Short Version
Bocca gets a new bow

Bocca is off training while Sayako is working in a restaurant (Dunno where Tone is). Sayako meets up with a strange young girl who likes to read poetry (Coco). A pair of powerful guys are destroying delivery trucks and Bocca is hired to protect the trucks. The guys show up and basically Bocca finds out that the trucks are carrying Monster Union Equipment. During the fight he breaks his school bow and Elan Vital separates the handlebars of the motorcycle (Like Bocca needs to steer) and the bars become a new powerful bow (About time!) He goes with the guys to their base where he finds the old guy that made his Aibar. Here you meet 4 people (3 guys and 1 girl) who are also there and they are actively fighting the Monster Union.

Sayako is shown to be taking a bath (After Bocca leaves). Monster Union Agent Monkey decides she is to be his 3rd wife and locks the door. It seems that after he marries a girl she slowly becomes a monkey (Looks like a Monkey mask on their heads). Sayako realizes she is locked in.
The old guy is alive!

This Monkey agent is probably the cheesiest of all the agents. He is such a major wimp compared to all the others.

I do not know which monster he works for. She seems to be fond of bowling.

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