Boukyaku no Senritsu - 8: The Fated Road Afar (Monster Agent - Rat, Monster - Medusa)

Title:Boukyaku no Senritsu
Episode:8: The Fated Road Afar (Monster Agent - Rat, Monster - Medusa)
Story Line
Short Version
Tone's History

Basically Bocca goes to fight the monster of this place and Tone decides to help him.

We learn how tone and Ms. Beaver where rivals growing up and when presented with the hunt for the boy in the dam (Sky Blue), Tone goes to him and Beaver runs off with Medusa. Only 1 person in a thousand can even look at a monster and not turn into a puppet/stone and that's also the potential to become a Melos warrior (Meaning that Monster Union Agents were Melos candidates).

Tone sees Bocca fighting and runs to Sky Blue. It turns out that Sky Blue is an Aibar machine and he is Tone's. There is an incredibly ecchi shot when she gives back his Unicorn Horn (Umm Way down there) and he becomes a vehicle for her. She gets on and shoots the dam destroying it and the Monster Agent. She and Bocca take off at the end and she show's Bocca that her Aibar can FLY! He's so jealous.

We get a VERY short version of Tone's Straight Shot. I wonder if that was pruned from the original because later this is a VERY ECCHI scene.

Aibar machines are ALIVE? Go Figure.


A few snaps about Tone and her new boyfriend, Skyblue....

The woman (with red hair) in snap #4 is the 'Melody'. It is her appearance (or an ability to be able to see her) which symbolizes the transition to being a warrior of Melos (or Meros – if you cannot pronounce the letter L).

This references that prior to this point in the story, Tone had been denying the calling to be a warrior. In accepting Skyblue, she is also accepting the responsibility of being a warrior of Melos.

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