Boukyaku no Senritsu - 7: Crying Strings (Monster Agent - Rat, Monster - Medusa)

Title:Boukyaku no Senritsu
Episode:7: Crying Strings (Monster Agent - Rat, Monster - Medusa)
Story Line
Short Version

Bocca is on the dam talking to Eiji (the painter). He reflects on the girl who tried to kill him earlier and how she let him go. Eiji comments that Tone (Tone-eh) is back, his fiancee.

Flash to the mayor (Miri). She, Tone and Eiji were children together. Tone and Eiji were to get married but Miri was jealous. When a monster shows up later (Medusa) she goes over to Medusa and makes a bargain of everything she wants to keep the tears flowing. Medusa burns a mark into her using the palm of her hand (And a bit of underage Ecchi) and grants her her wish, Money and Eiji. Turns out to be a monster agent you have to be a candidate for a Melos Warrior (protection from Monster eyes), but turn to the side of evil instead.

Miri goes to Eiji's house and tries to rape Bocca. But Tone turns on a record of a violin concerto and she runs off (turns out it's any kind of Bow string).

Eiji and Sayako are talking about the the rats. He says they really monster agents that go to each town and see how much the potential Monster Union candidates are making children cry. Once a particular pre-agent gets a certain number to produce, then the monster is sent to see if they want to join. (Wow, this implies the monsters have a ton of people just creating misery for them).

Miri prepares to kill Eiji. The parrot from episode 5 shows up and makes sure she is getting the 'toll' ready. It tells her that she got her money and they sank her old scruffy house behind the dam. (So the dam is hiding her old poor place!) It shows that she is the heart of the Rat beast and takes off. Bocca and Tone are having a contest to see who's the better and they pull a draw. Bocca calls Elan Vital (His Ibar) and drives off. Tone seems amazed that he has an Ibar and walks around sad. Behind Tone is the Melody of Oblivion (Oh so Tone is a Melos Warrior after all).

Bocca aims his bow at the rat when the top opens up and Miri comes out. She tells Bocca to work for her for $5.2Million and her monster name is 'Millionaire Beaver'
A bit of symbolism regarding the talk between the Parrot and Miri, but mostly things that are not plot twisting (The doll who holds her shoulder is a bit weird). Beaver! Hehe. While not much in Japanese, that is really funny in English.

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