Boukyaku no Senritsu - 6: Valley of the Pyramid Scheme (Monster Agent - Rat, Monster - Medusa)

Title:Boukyaku no Senritsu
Episode:6: Valley of the Pyramid Scheme (Monster Agent - Rat, Monster - Medusa)
Plot Type : Primary
Bocca and Sayako come up on a dam that doesn't exist on the map. It displays a giant teardrop that looks freshly painted. When they come to the damn they see a boy with his hand in a hole (Like that old tale) and he says that if he pulls his hand out, it will destroy the dam. Another gentleman (Eiji) appears and he is the painter of the teardrop. The local town commissioned him to make it to symbolize all the tears the town collects. When asked about the appearance of the boy, Eiji says that the town doesn't care less about the boy and he can stay up there forever.

In the town they visit the local mayor (Oh no!) and they find a bunch of men counting up some mechanical rats. Eiji explains that each rat carries a tear of a child and the town's job is to count and organize those tears. They then go to the mayor who is a young lady wearing an evening dress. She tries to kiss the painter who turns his head and then see's Bocca. She goes right up to Bocca (ignoring Sayako) and talks about the town with him. On her back we see a Monster Union Mark (I knew it!). Later the lady says the tear is almost done and they don't need the painter anymore. She also comments on how Bocca is in love with her. (Umm Mr Dense? Please, he had a girl throwing herself at him and he didn't notice).

The next day Bocca and the painter are working on the Tear and a giant Rat shows up. The painter comments on how his time is up and the Rat is there to kill him. Bocca fights it off and it splits into a 100 little rats and overwhelm him. All of a sudden you hear a strange singing sound and the rats back off. A girl in a school outfit shows up carrying a bow and the string is vibrating making that sound. She explains that the rats hate the sound of a bowstring. When she sees Bocca's Warrior mark she pulls her bow and aims it at him.
Boy Bocca has a LARGE wardrobe budget, he keeps blowing his sleeves off with the call of the Melos.
Damn they still haven't fixed the Flash call. It's FLUSH damnit! All the Warriors call out a card suit in poker.
Light on the Imagery this time, except for the 'Count the tears' reference. Damn this MU member looks pretty hot.


Ah.... the Twilight episode series is over (the last three episodes were all dark and misty), so now we can see what kind of anime artistry the JC-Staff is capable of.....

A couple of comments....

Sayoko’s chain is still signaling the location of Kurofune (so, we can guess were her feelings are.) But she quickly gets ticked off at when the vampish Monster-Union manager begins to hit on Bocca. And later when the painter Eiji makes an interesting observation as to how close Sayoko and Bocca are, Sayoko is quick to disclaim and deny the comment. (so just what are her feelings?)

I have been watching the Japanese series (not the R1 dubbed release) and Bocca uses the ‘incantation’ of FLASH when ever he fires, so Forbin might just have to get over this issue.

Watch the girl in a high school uniform (who is carrying a bow) and the boy with his hand in the damn very closely.

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