Boukyaku no Senritsu - 5: The Voice That Will Reach You (Monster Agent - Bird, Monster - Medusa)

Title:Boukyaku no Senritsu
Episode:5: The Voice That Will Reach You (Monster Agent - Bird, Monster - Medusa)
Bocca visits the president of the town and she informs him that she is only a figurehead and Keiko (Midnight Hiyako) is the real power. She also warns him that everyone LIKES what Keiko is doing. (Feeding Children to the monster Medusa). Bocca vows to go after her. Outside he sees the head of the other hotel chain (Keiko runs one) is in trouble and he stops to help. Turns out it was a trap and Bocca is captured.

Keiko is talking to Medusa and Medusa says something like 'I wonder what his brothers are like'. (Umm Bocca only has 1 and he's dead).

Sayako goes to Que-chan (Keiko's sister) and tell her to run away. Que-chan replies that she knows she is next, and she will not let that bitch get any satisfaction even if it kills Que-chan (Whoa, innocent sister is a bitch too!).

Bocca fights with Midnight Hiyako and he defeats her. During this battle her learns that his Aibar Elan Vital can actually act on it's own and do some light thinking. After Keiko exits the broken machine, Que-chan shows up with hatred in her face and destroy's one of Keiko's dolls (WTF?)

The town shows up (Because destroying Midnight causes the sun to return and all the tourists to leave), and proceeds to STONE Bocca for making the town a mess. He leaves with an important lesson, it takes more than the Mayor to invite the monster, the monster is in the SOULS of the people of the town. He still vows to attack every monster he meets until he locates the body of the Melody of Oblivion.
Forbin After not seeing this for a month I gotta back up and look at the symbolism. Que-Chan was Medusa? She was testing the committment of her sister I guess? The breaking of the doll was really Que-chan breaking Keiko's neck?

Damn it's in English and I'm starting to get lost in all the Ganiax symbolism.

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