Boukyaku no Senritsu - 4: Monster Union (Monster Agent - Bird, Monster - Medusa)

Title:Boukyaku no Senritsu
Episode:4: Monster Union (Monster Agent - Bird, Monster - Medusa)
Continued from Episode 3.

Bocca is investigating the reason why this town exists. Keiko takes him to the dock where he finds the statue and Keiko starts saying 'Piro Piro'. MAJOR screen cut and Bocca is in his room talking to Sayoko.

It turns out that the manager of the hotel they are staying at is a monster agent (Not a monster but given certain powers like one) Midnight Hiyako. Keiko was put down as a girl for being a girl. She was told to 'get married and have a boy'. This lack of self importance translated into her selling her 'soul' and the town to the monsters (She was the heir to the largest hotel chain and hence the mayor of the town).

She asked the town be under constant twilight and the monsters created the lighthouse to serve as a signal when it was time to sacrifice another child.

The parrot shows up and says that his presence doesn't mean the monster is there and the monster's lack of presenting herself to Midnight Hiyako doesn't mean she is being replaced. Hiyako goes beserk at this news and goes into her giant bird robot.
Bocca fights her but she flees.

Bocca then finds Medusa but she says 'it's not time yet', and she vanishes.

To be continued....
This also shows that the monsters were not everywhere at once. They had to be invited in by the Mayor of the town and the town had to accept the necessary sacrifices (Children). Keiko shows a dark part of the human soul and she sells it so that she can remain mayor instead of a baby making machine.

The Pigs turn out to be the faceless background people that are always around. Gainax decided to make them Pigs in this episode so they are obviously background people and could be anyone, including pigs.

Just a little note, at 1:30:16 there is a part where Keiko says 'Let us begin' the subs say 'Lets Fit Rim'. WTF? Hehe

This also marks the point where they start doing tons of scene cuts so that the episode stays within the time frame. Looks like lots of frames were dropped (Mostly traveling types) and it does make the story a bit disjointed. So we never understand the 'Piro Piro' part as it was probably on the floor.
Or it could be the 'General from Monty Python' kind of thing. We don't know what goes here, so lets bring in the General and cut to the next scene.

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