Boukyaku no Senritsu - 2: The Long Break at the End of the School Year (Minotaur)

Title:Boukyaku no Senritsu
Episode:2: The Long Break at the End of the School Year (Minotaur)
Continuing from Episode 1.

After seeing the battle, Bocca's Boss gives him a little present, his own bike which Bocca names Elan Vital. It turns out the old man makes bikes for ALL the Melos Warriors (And how did the monsters not notice him?) and he made one specifically for Bocca. As the man leaves he tells Bocca that it will come when he calls and it can't fly yet.

Bocca is taken by the Cops and released after his parents offer a bribe (They do that a LOT). After school he bumps into Sayoko who is still looking for Kurofune (That melos Warrior). Sayoko's chains point in a certain direction and off they go.

Kurofune is in a battle with the Minotaur Monster from before but this time the monster is looking to powerup from the life of Bocca's GF, Elle. Kurofune and the Minotaur are evenly matched but then Bocca shows up.

Bocca calls out for the Elan Vital and with it he breaks the stalemate. The Minotaur retreats. Kurofune flys away on his bike (Boy is Bocca jealous). The archery teacher then takes Elle hostage and Bocca activates his Melos symbol and creates an Arrow (Bocca's symbol produces arrows and charges them up with explosive tips) and blows the wall behind the teacher away, causing him to faint.

Bocca then gets on Elan Vital and invites Sayoko to help him hunt down Kurofune and some more answers to why he is a Melos
Ok WTF? Bocca left Elle right there at school after she is a preferred target of the Minotaur. And after she asked to sleep with him TWICE (Without the Anime Nosebleed). Boy Bocca is DENSE!

I guess until he gets his real bow (Hint Hint) Bocca can't use the lock on technique that Kurofune has.


Why did Bocca turn down Elle? While she is trying to tempt him into staying with her and live a ordinary life, Bocca has already been bitten by the Melos-bug and now has a super-cool motorbike (with a side car) So why not hit the road? And since Sayoko is already intent on chasing Kurofune, and he has room on his bike, it seems perhaps too convenient to not to invite her along.

(of course, it probably does not hurt that Sayoko is really cute too....)

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