Boukyaku no Senritsu - 10: Unicorn Series (Monster Agent - Monkey / Monster - ???)

Title:Boukyaku no Senritsu
Episode:10: Unicorn Series (Monster Agent - Monkey / Monster - ???)
Story Line
Short Version
Sayako is Captured

Sayako is chained up by Monkey. He's trying to kiss her when the parrot shows up. The parrot tells him that his Monster is waiting and Monkey leaves. The Monster appears to be waiting in some kind of Bowling Alley.

Bocca is talking to Old Man Tsunagi. Turns out that up in Space is something call the Metronome. (More musical references). A spaceship made up of 33 parts designed to destroy the monsters. Except there are only 31 parts in space. E-1 (Called Engine 1) and E-2 fell back to earth and sank in the sea. Monkey has control of E-1 and may use it to access the Metronome. Bocca and the others vow to destroy it after Bocca has rescued Sayako. Coco decides to go with Bocca.

Monkey comes out to fight with Bocca, he summons Elan Vital (and we get to see what is supposed to be a great piece of Animation but it just some lazy JC Staff Animators) and Bocca pulls the bow of the steering column (Umm Bocca walked INTO the place with his bow, he didn't need Elan). Coco then interrupts him and takes one of his arrows and RINGS OUT THE MELODY'. Hers is on her face and she kisses the arrow. Also her friend is her Aibar Machine and he has a unicorn head just like Sky Blue. In fact all of her 3 troupe of Centaro are Aibars. (Damn Coco gets 3 of them!) With a Cry of 'Four Card' her arrow breaks into 4 pieces and frees Sayako.

Sayako tells them that a bunch of humans are still on board and they are called Ape-Men. Tsunagi seems very upset by this news.

Also Bocca's new bow has the 'Lock-On' technique that Kurofune has. Nice upgrade Bocca.
Current Warrior Status
CocoWith Bocca
The Melody scene looked almost exactly like the ecchi scene in Bewitched Agnes. I suspect JC Staff got REAL LAZY and just took the scene with a few hair changes. In fact the reuse of the Bocca/Elan scene is way too much like the reuse of the final Ecchi scene in Agnes that I'm starting to not like my favorite Animators.

A nice note is that ADV Finally changed the subs to say FLUSH for Bocca but he still yells FLASH. Coco's is Four Card which I think was Four of a Kind said way to fast.

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