Boukyaku no Senritsu - 1: Melos Warrior (Minotaur)

Title:Boukyaku no Senritsu
Episode:1: Melos Warrior (Minotaur)
A long time ago the people of Earth were defeated by a race of people called Monsters.

It's been a century since then and people have begun to forget that they are slaves to an Alien race.

Bocca is the perfect student who has a girl who loves him, good grades in school, and a loving family. But he is troubled because his brother disappeared one day and no one seems to care, including his parents.

At his part time job he witnesses a battle between a Melos Warrior (The earth's Elite Defenders) and a Monster. Afterwards, on his way home he hears a strange melody and a red haired girl appears in front of him. He recognises her as the 'Melody of Oblivion' which only Melos Warriors can see.

His journey has begun.
Now that I have seen this in English, it makes a little more sense. The Monsters eat Children. The children give them great power. The adults of Bocca's school all know this and actively keep a child (Bocca's brother) ready in case they ever show up. The teachers try to cut down on creativity (As shown by the archery teacher). If a normal human ever looks into the eyes of a Monster who has just eaten, then they will turn into living puppets (I STILL DON'T GET THIS!!!!)

Keep an eye on that Parrot seen in the Mayor's office, he's very important.

Commentary from Jan-chan
The war between the Monster and the humans was never fair from the start. The introduction to the series tells the story that should a ‘ordinary’ human even catch a glimpse of the true form of a monster, they would be transformed immediately into a stone figure or a human sized puppet. But there were those few people could resist the transformation and who survived. These few became the Warriors of Melos, the human warriors who had a magic power to attack, injure and even kill the monsters. It is explained later that monsters grew concerned about their appearances culling the ordinary humans and forcing those exceptions to stand out, so they choose to mask themselves to allow them to approach the humans in a less confrontational way and not create more warriors to oppose them. It is only when feeding or when in combat do they reveal themselves as the monsters that they truly are.

The reference of the instructor harping and picking on Bocca for his archery style might be understood as the instructor saw something special in him. The instructor tries to treat archery as an artistic skill, rather than a warrior’s skill, and tries to demean and belittle Bocca in front of the entire class.

This series is very heavy into symbolism and abstract references. I had to watch it two or three times to pick on some of the indirect and hidden concepts that are conveyed in the imagery of series.

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