3x3 Eyes - 7: The Return

Title:3x3 Eyes
Episode:7: The Return
Pai, having reverted to her kindly self, finds herself dangling from a cliff above a sea of molten lava. Hon Nyang (the red-haired transformer), more-or-less a child again, is also hanging there. She's incensed when Chokai says he doesn't have time to save her, and she'll be destroyed along with Pai. She's also surprised when Pai offers to help her. Chokai tells Pai to "Recall your true self now" by remembering what happened in Hong Kong four years ago. The seal on her forehead glows, and along with Hon Nyang she falls--but her "floater" saves them. Somewhere far away, Benares senses what has happened--"That girl... Parvati, who sealed Shiva is coming?". Afterwards, Jake is delighted to have discovered that immortality is for real. He pulls a gun and is about to shoot the tied-up Hon Nyang, but Pai steps between them and argues that they don't have the right to kill her--she believes Hon Nyang was just being controlled by evil people. Pai, Yakumo, Jake and Hon Nyang use the key to transport themselves to Kunlun, which they find to be a desolate place, little more than a graveyard as a result of the battle between the Sanjiyan and Kaiyanwan. Pai is drawn to a magical image of herself long ago, which calls itself "Parvati the 4th" and warns whoever is listening to leave and never return. It explains that she was to be married to Shiva (aka Kaiyanwan), but he became a "frightening demon" and after a bloody battle was sealed within a "divine demonic stone". But Pai was the only survivor among the Sanjiyan. "I'm going to leave this cursed land" the image concludes, "I'll give up my power and try to become human". Pai is left wondering if her longtime goal of recovering her memories is such a good idea after all. She is lost in thought when Benares suddenly appears, and Yakumo and Jake are jumped by Chokai...
I was still waiting for a rational explanation of Pai's dual personalities, and now she seems to have taken on a third one, which goes by the name of "Howasho". In short, a confusing ending. What exactly happened in Hong Kong? Was it a good idea to add yet another dimension to an already confusing story by tacking on Indian mythology? I think it should have either been left out or better explained. I'll definitely need to watch this episode more than once to make sense of it--problem is, I'm not confident that a second or even a third viewing would make everything clear, and even if it did, I'm not sure it would be worth my precious time. So I think I'll declare this one "good enough" and move on to something else.
Unfortunately they end the 3x3 OVA in volume 5 (Out of 25+) and squash an entire 3 volumes in 3 episodes. I'm not surprised you are confused. Basically. There is Sanjin-The original girl who locked Shiva away. There is Pai, the girl that Sanjin became after she locked out the horror of what she had done, think Nyuu of Elfen Lied. And there is Howasho, a Demon SNAKE that was possessing Pai and Blocking Sanjin from returning. Benares couldn't defeat Pai, but he could mess with her a little. He paid off a Demon Snake with the promise of 'life' by using her body to block the 3rd eye. So at the end Sanjin gave Howasho her wish, to become a normal teenager girl. Bascially we have 2 girls that look like Pai running around now.

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