3x3 Eyes - 2: Yakumo's Story

Title:3x3 Eyes
Episode:2: Yakumo's Story
Yakumo and Pai return from Hong Kong, leaving the statue hunting to Ling-Ling. He tries to convince his friends that he's now an immortal hero, but they're not buying it. Yakumo hopes to go on a motorbiking trip with them, but the cruel Pai is impatient to resume the quest for the Statue of Humanity. A frog-like creature in an overcoat collapses a bridge on him, and declares it's intention to devour the Sanjiyan. It tries to use Natsuko, one of Yakumo's friends from school, as a hostage. Pai easily defeats it. His friends are shocked to watch Yakumo come back from the dead. Yakumo returns to find his apartment ransacked. The next day all of his friends are scared of him--especially Natsuko. He overhears the cruel Pai telling Natsuko that he is only her slave, whose job is to protect her while she rests after using magic. He is soon attacked by the frog creature again, who has taken over the body of Natsuko. Though she doesn't care whether Natsuko dies or not, Pai eventually destroys the monster. Yakumo decides that the best he can do is help Pai and hopefully regain his humanity. He and Pai leave (presumably for Hong Kong).
The scene in which a root-like thing smashes into the school building reminds me of a similar scene from Blue Seed, another Yuzo Takada production.

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