3x3 Eyes - 1: A Changed Life

Title:3x3 Eyes
Episode:1: A Changed Life
Pai is a three hundred year old three-eyed girl who seeks to become human. In Tokyo, she runs into Yakumo, the son of a folklore professor interested in the occult. Yakumo's father died while in Tibet and Pai has come to Yakumo to have Yakumo's father's dying promise to her fullfilled--to make her human.
A huge flying monster, which dwells in Pai's staff, gets loose and starts searching for her, in the process killing Yakumo. Pai saves Yakumo by merging with his soul and making him a zombie (though he doesn't realise what has in fact happened). Yakumo and Pai travel to Hong Kong to retrieve the statue of humanity, which is supposed to be able to give Pai her humanity, from an antique store.
They arrive just in time to see the statue stolen. They meet the owner of the store, Ling-Ling. Together they follow the statue (which has a tracking device in it) to an estate away from the city.
They find Huan, the owner of the estate, tied up in the same room as the statue.
Then a man with solid yellow eyes enters, and is introduced as Chou, an employee of Huan.
Chou pulls a gun, but Ling-Ling demonstrates her martial arts skills by swiftly disarming him.
Pai, Yakumo and Ling-Ling run and are soon attacked by monsters. Pai opens her third eye and destroys them while berating Yakumo for being a bad zombie (and not taking care of the monsters himself!). The battle escalates and eventually ends with Chou launching the statue into the sky (where a huge glowing hand catches it).
Stretch 12/04:
I couldn't help laughing when Yakumo had a little run-in with a bus on the streets of Hong Kong. His newly attained immortality turns everything upside down, and events that would normally be horrifying become downright hilarious!

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