Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 8: Taking an Examination of Love, Starting With a Deviation Value of 30

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:8: Taking an Examination of Love, Starting With a Deviation Value of 30
While Keiichi and Belldandy are shopping, Belle is still sneezing several times. Keiichi tells her not to strain herself, and he buys medicine for his goddess at an apothecary. The proprietor [image1] apparently knows a lot about our couple, and gives Keiichi an 'informational' video tape as bonus.
Back home, Keiichi watches the video tape while Belldandy is resting. But this stuff is too strong for the boy, including the woman coming out of his TV screen. Good thing that Belldandy has her own methods to find out what happened when she finds him lying on the ground.
Now that Belldandy knows, Urd appears [image2] and explains the situation to her younger sister: Keiichi 'monopolizing' a goddess [image3] caused an anomaly in the heavenly computer - that's why Belldandy is ill and the Ultimate Force isn't working correctly. So if Keiichi doesn't want his contract cancelled he'll have to cooperate.
Later, Urd talks to Keiichi alone [image4] and tells him that Belldandy must return home to restore her energy - unless Keiichi can send his genetic profile to heaven for analysis, which must be done by physical contact with Belldandy. Or to be more precise, kissing her.
I guess I don't have to go into details about the rest of this episode - suffice to say that Urd is quite unselective about the means to achieve her aim [image5]... and Keiichi's reputation in the eyes of his sister Megumi probably suffered this time [image6].
[2005-02-28, Devil Doll]:
It might be interesting to watch OVA episode 2 and TV series episode 8 consecutively as they're both covering manga chapters 13 and 14, albeit in another slightly different version. I prefer the OVA version as a lot more is happening there; the TV series will need two or three episodes to cover the same content. Then again, this episode gives Urd a solid background, and we know what to expect from her in the future.
I never really liked Urd as she causes embarrassing situations all the time, so my expectations weren't too high this time. And I find it really weird that Urd becomes so angry at the end of this episode; in the manga it's the other way round, and Belle actually has a reason for being pissed.
What's funny about this episode is Belldandy sneezing all the time. Sure it's annoying for poor Keiichi that this destroys the mood in a certain situation, but it is just sooo cute, isn't it? I also appreciate that Belldandy tries to keep her worries about the malfuncting system force private, and that Keiichi shows the ability to partially resist Urd's power. He has to be special in the position he's in, as there are things to come where he'll need this strength. What's more, Belldandy was acting competent again - what a relief compared to the previous episode.


[AstroNerdBoy 13 March 2005]

I'm sure many fans of the series were desperately waiting for this episode since Urd arrives. Urd does much of the same things she did in the manga, but her motivations are more in line with the Urd of the current manga in Japan (IMO). For example, in the manga, she attempts to seduce K1 in a very selfish act. In the anime version, her only goal is to get Bell and K1 together, not to try to give Keiichi a sexual eduaction. I liked that. Beyond that, I don't really have much to say other than I did enjoy the episode.

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