Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 6: Ah! A Blessing in Bargain Buys?

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:6: Ah! A Blessing in Bargain Buys?
Keiichi has run out of money [image1] three days before receiving his pay cheque. Belldandy volunteers to pray for salvation from starvation... and soon the door bell rings, providing lots of food supply [image2] for our couple.
The problem being that this food was brought by Keiichi's little sister Megumi who successfully applied to some nearby college and is now in search of a place to live. What's more, her illusions [image3] about apartment prices are far away from harsh reality.
Alter a long and tedious search [image4] they finally manage to find an offer that exactly matches Megumi's specifications. Inspecting the location, this apartment appears almost too good to be true... and soon Belldandy will have to show what a goddess 1st class type 2 with an unlimited license [image5] is capable of doing [image6].
[2005-02-16, Devil Doll]:
Significant parts of manga chapters 8 and almost literally all of chapter 9 (thus completing the first manga volume) in this episode, and they fit together seamlessly. But again there are many slight deviations which sum up to make the story quite different in an interesting way.
Having Megumi already passed her test made her search for a room more plausible. Not showing the complete face of the hitchhiker was something I didn't like, and they shouldn't use that same ending scene like in episode 4 too often, it might become old very soon. Same goes for the dorm scene (where those who don't know manga chapter 6 will hardly ever understand the meaning of the knight's armour...).
Belldandy still tells everyone about who she really is. Good thing that this is hard to believe... I missed Belldandy's funny explanation about reproducing cash from the manga, but in the anime she's apparently more focussing on taking Keiichi as literally as possible. And while brother and sister are fighting their little battle our beloved Belle doesn't understand what's going on - she almost got on Megumi's nerves by doing so... but in the end Megumi appreciates seeing her brother in the hands of such a caring girl. I consider Megumi much more sassy than in the manga, teasing her brother all the time; then again she's 17 or so now and should really be more than just Keiichi's cute little sister.


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