Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 5: Ah! Under The Same Roof

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:5: Ah! Under The Same Roof
After arriving at Nekomi Tech Keiichi becomes aware that he missed to bring along the materials for his presentation - and Belldandy volunteers to get them, in her own matchless way.
Sitting alone on a bench and waiting for her earns Keiichi a number of questions by fellow students: Is it true that Belldandy dumped him already? And his motorclub senpais' attitude to the situation doesn't make things easier for him either.
Next one to comment on Keiichi's situation is Sayoko [image1] who now learns that Belldandy and Keiichi are living together - so their relation must have gotten quite far already? But when Keiichi tries to explain his situation to Sayoko he becomes aware that he doesn't really know the nature of his and Belldandy's relation either. Sayoko encourages him to date Belldandy and tell her his true feelings - he did have the courage to ask Sayoko out after all, right?
Wondering about their relationship occupies Keiichi's thoughts throughout the day, be that during his lectures [image2] or at home [image3]. Like all Standard Anime Loser Boys in his situation he has the "How to go steady with a girl" guide somewhere hidden in the packing cases [image4] where the senpais had put his belongings into... but how can he possibly surprise [image5] a goddess [image6] who is able to read his thoughts?
[2005-02-08, Devil Doll]:
I hate mortifying scenes like the one about Keiichi and the cylinder heads. This isn't funny for me. So I am a little disappointed by certain aspects of this episode.
Then again this is a much more detailed version of manga chapter 7, with an important change in the last but one scene. This may well change certain things to come (such as the role of Urd, perhaps). So after a peaceful interlude it may now be time to introduce new characters... like imouto Megumi-chan next time.
Speaking of Urd... when exactly did Mishima Sayoko - of all people! - become Keiichi's confidante? We've only seen her competing with Belldandy in the previous episode, and she wasn't particularly nice to Keiichi then, although she respected him in the end. I don't fully buy this miraculous change of attitude. What's more: Given the intro scenes were gonna have Marller in this story at some stage... so what will the relation between Sayoko and Marller be like then?
There are a number of scenes that work better when one knows the detailed explanations from the manga, such as Belldandy casting her transportation spell in ultra-fast language (see manga chapter 6), or the way she transports Keiichi's books (which is a lot funnier in manga chapter 7). On the other hand, the music cassette part towards the end of the episode was a significant improvement by the anime writers.
One thing I noticed was how Belldandy pronounced Keiichi-san's name this time. I guess she wants us to understand how much she cares about the boy now, as we can't take this easily from her ever-smiling face.
And I have to mention the wonderful musical theme of the "fever" scene, under the name of "Race" on the soundtrack album by Hamaguchi Shirou!


(AstroNerdBoy 09 Feb 2005)

Another enjoyable episode, but I too would like to echo DD's concern over the apparent change in Sayoko's character. In the manga, she is constantly attempting to take Belldandy down and IMO, falls for K1 over time. Indeed, this was why Mara teamed up with Sayoko in the beginning. As it stands now, Sayoko is a kind, caring, considerate girl rather than a spoiled rich "B". Still, at this point, I'll take a wait-and-see approach as the writers may surprise me.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the episode. DD has already pointed out some things the writers did which work better than the manga or not quite as well as the manga. One thing I'd like to add is that the anime writers haven't trapped Belldandy by saying she can only transport via mirrors. I have no problem with that.

Otherwise, another enjoyable episode.


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