Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 4: Ah! The Queen and the Goddess

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:4: Ah! The Queen and the Goddess
Keiichi has to attend classes at his college again and Belldandy asks to accompany him. When Keiichi shows her the campus [image1] as he promised before, this beautiful new girl grabs everyone's attention - including Tamiya-senpai from Keiichi's motor club whose attempt to give Belldandy another tour of the campus isn't crowned with success.
Meanwhile Mishima Sayoko [image2], the beautiful daughter of a huge corporation's president, an, feels the heat of a new opponent for her "campus queen" position. But simply asking Belldandy to give up her seat next to Keiichi's in their lecture doesn't exactly give her the success she was after.
When Professor Ohsawa is given a hint by a certain female student that his rival professor Kakuta uses a fake exchange student to attract other lecture's attendants, he starts to investigate Belldandy's status at Nekomi tech... with a surprising result [image3].
Now Sayoko takes the challenge personally - and tries to steal Keiichi [image4] away from Belldandy [image5] in order to embarrass her. But the coercive force isn't to be beaten easily, and with the separation of our couple at stake it will take drastical measures... [image6]
[2005-02-05, Devil Doll]:
Taking manga chapter 4 (the exchange student) and chapter 5 (Mishima Sayoko) and combine them to a new and better story (after having prepared this by the flashback in anime episode 1 already) - that's exactly like I want this series to be. And while they're quite close to the manga content, it's the details where they improved the story: Sayoko having forgotten she knew Keiichi before, the "coercive force" working more unpredictably in the anime than in the manga, or Belldandy getting aware of the situation much later. I guess they overdid the "coercive force" thing a little, and having Keiichi talk about it aloud doesn't help either; then again, Belldandy innocently telling Sayoko who she is works perfectly.
At several occasions Belldandy's behaviour is rather silly. She may have to learn a lot, such as not to take so many things literally, but Keiichi should at least have instructed her to act without attracting so much attention... wait a minute: Didn't he tell her already in episode 3 not to tell everyone about who she is? Belle's memory appears to be a little weak.


(AstroNerdBoy 5 Feb 2005)
Devil Doll raises an excellent point on the continuity error which I had missed. Having Belldandy tell Sayoko does work quite well though which is why I think I overlooked it. ^_^;;;
Sayoko living in a luxury high rise comes off better than her living in a home in the burbs as she did in the manga. One wonders how the writers will deal with Mara's arival since Mara used Sayoko's attic in the manga.
I think my real complaint was with the "system force" and Belldandy's reaction at the end. In my mind, she would have dispatched HolyBell to try to save K1 and Sayoko rather than act helpless. However, in not doing so, it allowed the writers to write K1 a backbone. So it wasn't a total loss, but I think the writers could have had Bell save K1 AND allowed K1 to have his backbone moment.
Still, I enjoyed the episode a lot and can't wait for the next one.

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