Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 24: Ah! Always With You

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:24: Ah! Always With You
Now that the Ultimate Destruction Program [image1] escaped once again, it attempts to open the gate between Earth and the Underworld to let all demons into this world without requiring a catalyst... but finally the goddesses read the manual of the Midgard Flute and manage to apply it correctly this time [image2]. When the Dark Lord of Terror tries to possess Skuld, Keiichi jumps in between [image3]... and the Dark Lord appears to have vanished.
But soon after, Keiichi takes the flute out of Belldandy's hands - and reveals that he's the Lord of Terror now! And how can Belldandy stop this Dark Lord now, without harming Keiichi's body? So now God sends down Lind, the Valkyrie, to destroy the Dark Lord no matter what - and Belldandy tries to defend him against this fighting goddess! [image4]
Being aware of his perfect protection, the Dark Lord orders Skuld to make a ten-dimensional scythe [image5] for him to open the seal of the gate, threatening to kill Keiichi otherwise. When the Dark Lord cuts the seal [image6] and opens the gate, Lind attacks him - and Belldandy offers to sacrifice her own body to save her beloved Keiichi-san...
[2005-06-15, Devil Doll]
The Grande Finale of the Lord of Terror story arc (manga volume 5 chapters 38 and 39) provides a perfect ending for this series, one that satisfies the audience but at the same time allows for a sequel.
And despite this High Magic battle of epic dimensions, there are still a number of humorous scenes in this episode, be that Urd regaining her senses (and not having any clue what happened before) or Skuld's happiness of creating something. Still, Skuld learned a lesson today, and she'll never treat Keiichi the same way as before.
The monumental music of this episode is outstanding, credibly supporting the mood of the events and reminding me of fantasy movie scores such as Conan the Barbarian or Kull the Conqueror. Same goes for the animation of the battle.
All in all, this series now takes the top spot in my personal anime comedy series ranking list, on par with Love Hina. (EDIT: Downgraded to "Rent+" later due to "Baka Belldandy".)


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