Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 23: Ah! The Saviour Is Within the Flute?

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:23: Ah! The Saviour Is Within the Flute?
Yggdrasil's self defense abilities have been damaged by the gravitational core's effect caused by the awakening of the Lord of Terror. But before Kami-sama can send out Lind and her fighting squad to destroy Urd, Belldandy breaks the seal that limits her powers on earth (without Kami-sama's permission, thus putting her goddess' license on the line).
Meanwhile, Keiichi [image1] spills the beans about the Ultimate Destruction Program, and when Urd accidentally invokes this program the urn reveals its purpose and way of functioning. With the program already running, Belldandy is able to locate Urd and moves away immediately, leaving Skuld behind. With a sneak attack [image2] she is able to destroy the urn that served as catalyst for the Lord of Terror - only to learn that this act was the final step required to complete the program! So Fenrir, the Wolf of Darkness, has finally awoken. Fenrir attacks Belldandy, and the goddess falls into an abyss...
While Skuld tries to locate her sisters (using Banpei-kun as mobile tracking device) she happens to find a ringing cell phone lying on the street; when she answers it, Kami-sama tells her to take the vaccine [image3] he'll send her and bring it to Belldandy.
Meanwhile, Urd has a new idea: What about feeding Keiichi to Fenrir? In the nick of time Belldandy can stop Fenrir - but Urd's negative power is too strong for her to get through to her sister. When Urd commands Marller to sacrifice her life [image4] by giving her powers to Fenrir (as to boost the Wolf's powers) she deserts Urd to save her skin; so now Urd starts giving her own powers to Fenrir... but right when the Black Wolf [image5] reveals his true nature, Skuld arrives with the vaccine! And then Belldandy plays the Midgard flute... [image6]
[2005-06-27, Devil Doll]
The second part of the Lord of Terror story arc (manga volume 5 chapters 36 and 37) - one more to go!
As this episode is so packed with events it feels a little rushed, compared to the manga. They skipped Skuld's sloppy attitude towards reading the manual of the vaccine; thus now even Skuld is acting responsibly at last, fighting on Belldandy's side (and we need this for the forthcoming episode, so at least this makes sense). They also skipped Keiichi's contribution to help Belldandy in attacking Urd, which is a pity. Then again, the cell phone was a nice additional element.
Animation and music give the epic battle a wonderful stage once again. This time the characters aren't that important, it's the events driving the suspense story forward. And despite all the high magic, there are many nice comical scenes, such as the program's password, Marller's punishment, or Sayoko's cameo appearance. In fact Marller is my favorite character of this episode... she's so human, in a way. ;-)


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