Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 21: Ah! I Admire The Angel With White Wings

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:21: Ah! I Admire The Angel With White Wings
As Keiichi is still in the shape of episode 20, Urd has to provide a remedy against the potion used by Skuld. When they both listen to Belldandy and Holy Bell singing [image1], Urd explains to Keiichi the meaning of an angel to a goddess. But when Keiichi asks her about her own angel she's evading the subject.
Skuld is enchanted by Belldandy's performance, and she dreams of having her own angel as well. Belldandy believes Skuld is now willing to finally become a full-fledged goddess, ready to start with her training - as a goddess needs enough power to be able to support her own angel. Which is not exactly what Skuld had in mind - she simply wanted have an angel at no cost, as to no longer being nitpicked by Urd...
So Skuld needs to perform magic as to improve her power. She's soon bored and disappointed by her slow learning process and tries to cheat by building supportive devices [image2] [image3]. But after overhearing Urd grieving [image4] about not being able to call out her own angel she sees her chance to finally have something to brag about.
Skuld now builds a simulator where she can make herself believe to be able to apply magic. But she soon learns that simulating isn't the real thing. So she finally builds an amplifier for her own power [image5] - and when Keiichi asks where the parts of his computer have gone, she turns the switch on...
And when all is said and done, the telephone rings. [image6]
[2005-06-11, Devil Doll]
Despite all of Skuld's whining and her gadgets, this is a serious episode developing Urd's background, and as such one of my favorites within this series. (See Aa! Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa for a resolution of the "angel arc".)
I like how they connected the episodes, although this one is from a very different manga (volume 15, chapter 89 with only minor changes). After Belldandy's illness in the previous episode which was visible in Holy Bell's appearance now Urd's explanations about angels lead seamlessly into the angel episode, and the phone call opens the path into the "Lord of Terror" story arc. The series has become less episodic now, and that's always a plus from my point of view.
This time the suspension for the audience is created mainly by not telling them the two crucial lines Urd resp. Belldandy spoke during the retrospective scene; I'm not sure if everyone will feel being treated fairly about this aspect.
Despite her silly behavior in the opening scene, Belldandy shines in this episode; she's at her best when she's worrying and simply saying the right words at the right time.
Skuld is annoying as always (especially her long soliloquy about her "chance") but faced with a serious matter this time; and although she doesn't get the message she might at least have become aware that her "shortcut" method isn't always the way she's meant to go.
I underestimated the role of Keiichi during my first viewing of this episode. His attitude in the crucial scene is great, completely ignoring the danger for himself; he's instrumental for the problem's solution.


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