Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 20: Ah! Save The Goddess If You're A Man!

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:20: Ah! Save The Goddess If You're A Man!
Urd and Skuld are to return to heaven for Yggdrasil maintenance and won't be back before a week. As always, Urd "encourages" Keiichi to make his move during that time, but Skuld has guarded [image1] against any possible ploy: Right after Keiichi ate the pudding Skuld insisted to make for him, he turns into a ... woman! (With huge breasts, by the way.)
Belldandy soon understands that Keiichi isn't happy about the prospect to attend university in this shape, but the treatment she finds in Urd's room turns out to be an ointment she must rub around all of Keiichi's chest... understandably Keiichi is too embarrassed for this. Wouldn't there be any medicine he just had to swallow like a pill? Belldandy tries to brew one from Urd's potions, but right when she and Keiichi were to mix the ingredients [image2] an accident happens, Belldandy inhales one of the components in pure form - and starts to fall ill!
And things turn out to be even more difficult as Megumi, Hasegawa and the Senpais visit Keiichi's house [image3], invited by Skuld (who obviously didn't want Keiichi and Belldandy to be alone together)... after having survived that crisis, Keiichi focuses on finding a cure for Belldandy whose illness is getting worse [image4], only to find he'd need to call Urd for help [image6]. But will he be able to dial heaven's number once again? [image5]
[2005-06-03, Devil Doll]
Now what episode exactly was it when Megumi met Keiko before? I just happen not to remember anyhow... Skuld might have told Megumi that some Keiko stays at Morisato's place, but this could have been made more clear in the anime. And why exactly should Skuld have done that? It's not her style to think so far ahead.
But despite all the fan-service, below-the-belt humor (what exactly was Urd's book about?) and breast-grabbing (hey, another Ai Yori Aoshi reference? And doesn't Belldandy resemble Aoi-chan quite a lot when doing the laundry?), this is still a very enjoyable episode (based on manga volume 9 chapter 54, skillfully rewritten to fit into the new storyline). And that's because we get to see Keiichi and Belldandy trying to help each other, with Skuld merely creating the scenario but not interfering in crucial moments. Urd is impressed about the phone call, and justifiably so.
The many cameos work perfectly. The senpais act as they always do; then again they surprised me in the scene when Keiichi spilled the beans about his identity. Hasegawa and Megumi act reasonably as I expected from them; Sayoko's little appearance helps to refresh our memory about her self-centered character. I don't think she'll play an important role in this season any more; the university campus hasn't been that important for quite a while.
The scene on the tower is wonderful. Keiichi actually entrusts his life to Skuld (of all people!) as this is necessary to help his beloved Belldandy... if only Skuld would understand the importance of this moment, because it shows that Keiichi actually cares a lot more about Belle than Skuld herself does. Urd obviously got the message, and she grants Keiichi his fair reward.
There are certain things that I dislike about the story development, and as we're about to leave this part, let's make a short summary. This is a comedy, okay - but it wouldn't have to be so unreasonable about certain aspects. If it were a drama, then there would be several questions to be discussed, such as: Are a goddess and a human biologically compatible? (Urd gives us the impression that yes, it might work.) Could Belldandy have children with Keiichi? (Now that would be an interesting combination... good at heart, shy and clumsy.) Is a goddess able to die of an illness? (Keiichi didn't even ask Belldandy, which is the first thing he should reasonably do.) What if Keiichi died in this episode - would Urd have been able to resurrect him? (She might have to fill out an application form and all that, but basically... yes, I guess.) And what's bothering me a long time now: Neither Keiichi nor Belldandy even tries to take Skuld aside and settle the conflict of interest, which would at least be easy for Belldandy - if she were able to understand the problem in the first place, that is. But ... oh, well. This is Aa! Megami-sama TV and not a reasonable story. (End of rant.)
A hidden gem at the end: Be sure to watch the tower scene in single frame mode - you'd miss all those wonderful details otherwise. Thank you very much for the effort, AnY-AonE - excellent work!


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