Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 2: Ah, Are Believers Saved?

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:2: Ah, Are Believers Saved?
Although Belldandy tries to explain the situation [image1] the best she can, Keiichi is totally flabbergasted at first by his new option, and the fact that Belldandy can read his mind doesn't really help either. But when Keiichi suspects his senpais to be behind all this [image2], one thing leads to another, Belldandy convinces him that she thinks different, and he speaks his mind about the wish. Moments later there is a big hole in the roof, and Belldandy phones up to Kami-sama [image3] to check whether the contract has been made...
Now with the coercive force in action, some strange scenes are bound to happen [image4]. Keiichi is thrown out of the dorm for breaking the "no girls admitted" rule; some friends where he tries to stay over try to take him to the cleaners but fail miserably, and when Keiichi tries to make Belldandy stay overnight at the house of Hasegawa Sora [image5] (the only female motor club member) once again something happens to prevent their separation. So they don't appear to have a place to stay tonight... [image6]
[2005-01-18, Devil Doll]:
This is basically the first half of OVA episode 1. The narration style is slow but we get a lot of details which the OVA had to skip. Everything makes a lot of sense, and they're not too far away from the manga so far.
Keiichi has in fact a complex about his size. But Belldandy makes him aware of his fine character, and also of his unique knack about machines (which wasn't even mentioned in the OVA but is so important throughout the manga). The Mah-Jongg scene appears unnecessary but it shows that Keiichi's fate really has changed - he never had so much luck at once (but would need something else at this moment).
As I hoped, Hasegawa Sora appeared early in the story, and she had a nice start... there's a lot of development necessary for her during this series.
This time there were quite a few daydreams of Keiichi, some of them on par with those of Kaoru from AYA or even Keitarou from Love Hina. The manga doesn't back up any such hopes, but let's see how this series will continue. The next episode will obviously cover the lodging issue, but then there is space and time to open a new substory - which might well be the one of Mishima who had only a cameo appearance in the OVA.

[AstroNerdBoy 18 Jan 2005]
As someone who's read the manga through volume 30 (and a little into 31), I like many of the little things that are showing up. Should the anime go beyond the initial 26-episodes, these things will come back into play. So the Mah Jongg scene while doing what Devil Doll stated can also come back into play when Keiichi's mother shows up. ^_^ To me, it appears the writers are working as if there will be future episodes and that is good.
I'm still not sold on Hasegawa, but as I said before, I'll reserve judgment until I see more.
So far, I'm really liking this and hope the writing continues to be good.

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