Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 13: Ah! Who Does Onee-sama Belong To?

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:13: Ah! Who Does Onee-sama Belong To?
Heaven's computer system Yggdrasil is overrun by the bugs, despite all efforts of the goddesses' software to prevent this. And when chief debugger Skuld is aware that Belldandy's unstable heart is the source of the problem she's heading down to earth to visit her older sisters.
Meanwhile, strange things are happening on earth, such as Keiichi's BMW turning into Sleipnir and running away with him [image1], or Keiichi being transported into his house's bathtub while Urd takes her morning bath. And then a girl jumps out of Keiichi's tea cup.
Skuld is happy to meet her sisters again, and asks Belldandy to return to heaven. With masses of bugs around [image2], too many of them already to remove them the usual way, this looks like the only way to solve the problem - until Urd remembers that Skuld built a machine [image3] for catching bugs already! So where's the problem?
But when Urd accidentally destroys this machine (Skuld was just about to activate it), things are getting out of control: Urd and Keiichi disappear into different dimensions, leaving Belldandy and Skuld behind. Urd turns out to be caught in the TV set, but at least Keiichi can be retrieved after a number of adventurous situations.
Finally, Belldandy decides to return to heaven [image4] as to solve the problem. But as time runs much faster in heaven than on earth she can't tell whether she will return during Keiichi's life span. The brave boy promises he'll wait for her nonetheless...
Skuld is happy at first but soon notices [image5] that Belldandy thinks differently about coming home. And after a conversation with Keiichi finally Skuld understands her sister, and starts to search for a way out... [image6]
[2005-04-14, Devil Doll]
Based on manga volume 5 chapters 32 & 33, this episodes sticks to the manga but shows a number of great additional scenes as well (featuring Sayoko, the senpais, Megumi and even Hijiri-chan in cameo appearances). IMHO the effects of the bugs on Keiichi are the highlights of this episode... I intentionally didn't use any picture of these here, as not to spoil you the fun.
The anime version provides a lot less background information (such as how Yggdrasil & the bugs are functioning) than the manga does, but this was to be expected. Then again, the anime does provide some explanation for the bugs problem, and this one works well in the context of this series.
Although Urd is playing a minor role in this episode, she's there when needed. Who else could have seen through Skuld's beguilement but a goddess who's a notorious liar? I also like the way how Belldandy tries to prevent the inevitable, and how Skuld changes her mind in the end - this episode contains far more serious storyline than it appeared at first sight.


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