Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 12: Ah! Put the Goddess and Queen on a Balance?

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:12: Ah! Put the Goddess and Queen on a Balance?
When a frustrated Sayoko awakes (with a heavy headache due to too many vodka alone in a bar once again), to her bewilderment she finds another person [image1] in her bed... who turns out to be a new ally in her ongoing war against Belldandy.
Meanwhile, Belldandy can't bring herself to use God's CD for sealing Marller again, and Urd decides to take the CD into her custody and encourages the couple to go out on a date. Which is exactly what Marller expected; so Sayoko visits Urd at Keiichi's house, and after exchanging polite cattyness [image2] Sayoko offers to switch the TV set on...
Now Marller can put her plan [image3] into action: She'll break Keiichi's heart balance, bringing him closer to Sayoko and thus removing Belldandy's need to stay at his side. Sayoko doesn't care about Keiichi but if he's the pawn in the chess game, so be it.
As Keiichi cannot escape his fate now, Sayoko meets him and Belldandy on their date - and Keiichi invites her to come along and show them a place where they can have fun. A discotheque [image4] isn't the place where Belldandy can compete with Sayoko, and finally Keiichi tells Belle to go home and rest while Mishima-san will teach him how to dance.
Finally, Sayoko and Keiichi are together alone [image5], but things aren't exactly going as planned. Meanwhile Urd is recovering from her earlier defeat, so the stage is set for the final showdown [image6]. But then something unexpected happens...
[2005-03-31, Devil Doll]
Based on manga volume 4 chapters 27 & 28, this episode once again provided all the elements that make this series so special. It is close to the manga yet offering certain surprises, and a wonderful ending in many aspects, be that Sayoko's attitude, Belldandy's monologue, or the next character being announced to appear soon. I especially liked Keiichi in this episode - he can be a real klutz but he's such a nice guy at the same time.
On the other hand, Urd disappointed me this time, leaving such a precious item unprotected - even more so as she knows Sayoko had teamed up with Toshiyuki before and both of these knew her weakness!
One more thing I have to complain about would be the "verbal fan service" elements during Sayoko's visit but that's probably for the mainstream audience. :-\


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