Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 10: Ah! Can The Motor Club Win?

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:10: Ah! Can The Motor Club Win?
The more Toshiyuki [image1] is pondering about the events of the previous episode the more convinced he is that he must steal this mysterious Belldandy from Keiichi.
All the clubs of Nekomi Tech Institute are recruiting new members - but the Motor Club doesn't manage to get even one, due to the difference in cheerleaders between them and their newly formed rival, the Four Wheels Club whose president Toshiyuki humiliates the Motor Club in public, challenging them for a race with the loser's club's existance at stake! And Belldandy accepts without hesitation...
As the Motor Club doesn't have either a budget or a vehicle for the race, they have to earn money quickly, then find suitable parts and built their car [image2] - only to find it smashed to pieces [image3] on the next day! How convenient for Toshiyuki to show up just at that very moment, offering Keiichi to cancel the race if the boy bowed down to him, losing his face with Belldandy standing next to him... apparently Toshiyuki is no keen observer of human nature.
So let's the race [image5] begin! Given that the overnight repair job for the broken car left a lot to be desired and their opponent has still more dirty tricks [image4] up his sleeve, will the Motor Club [image6] be disbanded today? At least Keiichi earns a kiss for his attitude... but that's as much as I'm willing to tell you.
[2005-03-18, Devil Doll]:
Taken from Manga volume 3 chapters 22 & 23, this is a variation of OVA episode 3, with senpais and Hasegawa but no Skuld yet. I guess this was the best combination of silly fun, touching story, suspense action, motor club gimmick technology and praise of team spirit I could ask for - I loved the raw version already. Belldandy shows determination, Keiichi grows when the situation calls for it, Urd once more is playing an excellent supervisor role and helps out when all else has failed. Even Sora provided funny remarks as well as valuable contributions, having a brilliant idea at the right moment. And the senpais... ROTFL.
I don't have any serious complaints this time. It is just that this episode confirms the Belldandy character we're seeing in this series: Extremely powerful at times but not really aware of certain limitations, others' as well as her own. At times Belle is acting like a moping child, and she really relies on her o-nee-san at this stage. In this aspect episodes 9 and 10 are somehow a double feature, and the highlight of this young series so far IMHO. Plus the wonderful music during several scenes of this episode added significantly to the overall effect.


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