Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 1: You are a goddess?

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:1: You are a goddess?
A day in the life of poor Morisato Keiichi, sophomore at Nekomi Institute of Technology, starting with a horrible horoscope [image1]: Whatever he'll do today will likely fail. It is just as if a star of misfortune were always shining above his head.
And indeed, Keiichi overslept, he can't get his BMW motorbike started, during college lesson he gets scolded for daydreaming (about the harsh rejection of his first attempt to date the college beauty Mishima Sayoko), and he is missing another lesson due to being forced to help the motorclub with a fundraiser [image2] - which ends up costing him all the money he has [image3]. Unable to even buy himself a meal he will spend the weekend in his student dorm, and while all his fellow-lodgers attend a party he is assigned household chores [image4], returning a rented video tape [image5] and taking phone calls... including the one that will change his fate forever [image6].
[2005-01-15, Devil Doll]:
Nothing has happened yet (although we know what will happen next), but the TV series is already incompatible to the OVA. The reason why Belle and K1 will be together was never fully explored in the manga but was crucial for the OVA; this time the initiative is significantly different: What was fate in the OVA became an attempt to change fate in the TV series. Then again the scene with the little girl made it obvious for everyone that this poor chap doesn't deserve his fate...
What I like about this first episode is how the two layers of events, the eartly and the heavenly, move towards each other. Several important characters were introduced already, including Hasegawa - I hope we'll get to see more of her than in the OVA.

[AstroNerdBoy -- 15 Jan 2005]

I thought I'd follow Devil Doll's comments with a few of my own. ;-) Having read the manga, I was surprised that Sora (Hasegawa) was given a quick cameo since she didn't appear for quite some time in the manga. In the manga, K1 was her senpai as was K1's sister, but this would make it seem that they are equals. I'll wait to see how the writers deal with this before passing judgement.

I loved the fleshing out of K1 prior to meeting Belldandy. Also, there were at least two items shown in this episode which manga readers may recognize from stories later in the manga (late-20's) -- K1's missing a language class and his shortcut. Should the anime continue beyond 26-episodes, both of those events should play into future episodes.

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