Vandread - 1: Boy Meets Girl

Episode:1: Boy Meets Girl

Hibiki Tokai is a 3rd class citizen of the all-male planet Tarak. He works to build the new Vanguard fighters -- mecha units to be used in the war agains the all-female planet Mejale. Hibiki has promised his co-workers he will steal a certain Vanguard machine that they've etched a large symbol into it. Unfortunately, this unit has been shipped to the Tarak flagship "Ikazuchi" -- which was the ship which originally brought the men to Tarak. It has a large new segment which has been added to it making it the biggest, toughest ship in the fleet

During the launching ceremony, Hibiki is discovered and thrown into a cell. Soon after, a group of Mejale pirates attack the "Ikazuchi" and soon overtake it. The captain of the ship jettisons the original section of the ship in favor of keeping the new, powerful section. To prevent the women from having a prize, the captain orders that Muramasa missles be launched at the old section.

Meanwhile, the attack has caused the little droid Pyoro, who was guarding Hibiki, to short out. Hibiki uses the droid to drop the forcefield and escape. He's soon "attacked" by young woman named Dita, who's eager to meet an alien. As she chases him, co-Captain Buzam leads the pirates alongside Dread Squadron leader Meia. They force the captured men into life pods and make them leave the ship while they try to understand the male language. A young male doctor named Duero helps treat some of his captor's wounds much to the annoyance of the very young pirate medic Paiway.

The new segment of the "Ikazuchi" fires its missles at the old segment and the pirate ship rushes in to retrieve the boarding parties. As the final members struggle to leave, the missles strike and both ships collaps into nothingness. At the same time, Hibiki, Dita, Meia, Jura, and some others fall into what appears to be a sea of blueness and vanish into it.

(AstroNerdBoy -- 03 Jan 2004)

Colorful, bright, yet bizare. What the smeg are men on one planet and women on another? Talk about battle of the sexes. Heh! It is somewhat confusing, but the pace is so fast that you don't have time to think about it. And at this point, I already liked Buzam a lot. Actually, I liked a lot of the characters even though I didn't know them at this point. And you just know Dita and Hibiki will eventually get together. Pictures coming soon...

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