Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ - 5: Piano (Youkin)

Title:Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~
Episode:5: Piano (Youkin)
Mayu's mother (working in Paris) designed a new summer dress and sent it to her daughter. And what better opportunity would there be to wear that but on a date with Kaoru? So Mayu, being the girl she is, visits the well-known Western Style house and asks her Hanabishi-sama out for a date - right in front of all other inhabitants...

You recognized a Mayu sitting quietly and the evening sun shining behind her in the series' intro section? This is the episode to find out about what made her so sad in this scene.
(2003-11-16, Devil Doll)
The first major animation flaw right at the start: Mayu plays piano, but the camera view inside the piano's body doesn't show the keys move - you get the (wrong) impression that Mayu is only acting (maybe playing some audio recording?), which is totally misleading at that point. The animation in the Bowling center is also flawed - the balls aren't rolling but flying... :-(.
Again the English translation didn't provide too much additional information, so watching the Japanese-only version first still works nicely. Sure, Aoi's and Kaoru's talk about Mayu's invitation it important, but from her face it is clear to see what she is telling him - this is Aoi as we know and love her. The much more interesting comments about this date were those from Miyabi earlier... ;-)
I have seen funny scenes with the main characters playing bowling before, both in Video Girl Ai and in Love Hina, but watching Mayu here is quite an experience. ;-)
But then, the second half of the episode isn't that funny any more. And this is where I start to like this sequel series... Mayu's and Saionji's characters get more shape this time, and Kaoru performs quite well here.
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