Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ - 4: Evil Spirit (Mononoke)

Title:Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~
Episode:4: Evil Spirit (Mononoke)
Tina hears strange noises from an unoccupied area above her room. Could this be a ghost? The inhabitants of the western style house are going to find out today, led by their expert for supernatural phenomena - who happens to be Taeko-chan...
(2003-11-08, Devil Doll)
If you ever wondered what could go wrong when Taeko does household work then just watch the first half of this episode. The same applies to those who always wanted to see "tough Tina" behaving like a hysterical whimp...
From the first series we remember that Taeko had to take a ghost picture for being accepted at the photo club; now we learn why this hasn't been a problem for her back then... this one is her episode! And what a nice opportunity for all the other girls to hold on tight to the only man in the house... ;-)
The sudden dress change of all characters reminded me of certain Love Hina scenes; here, Taeko takes the leader role similar to Kitsune. But you can guess her style of leadership when she has ideas like suddenly turning the light off, so that "we can see the ghost better then"... oh, yeah!
Very little fan service this time, and a lot of fun, even though much of it is pure slapstick (including the side story of Mayu being envious of the sleepwalking Chika). If you don't expect any more than that, it will work fine for you - even the Japanese version, as the dialogs don't really contain information that you won't understand from the pictures and voices alone.
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