Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ - 10: Bathrobe (Yukatabira)

Title:Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~
Episode:10: Bathrobe (Yukatabira)
Aoi has never visited a spa resort before, so the whole team (including the Three Amigos) takes the chance to do so, where they have a lot of fun in the bath, the sauna, and some even with a massage... a great scenario to provide lots of fan-service! Yet, a good opportunity for some of the characters to think and talk about important things as well.
(2003-12-23, Devil Doll)
I definitely underestimated this episode after the preview - this wasn't a filler at all!
Now what would you do to create an 'interesting' scene in an onsen scenario? Right - you make people go into the wrong bathing section. At least the trigger for this event was nicely done, not including any slapstick effect but something that might actually happen.
Finally, Tina has observed Aoi and Kaoru enjoying their time together; she then takes the first opportunity to talk to Aoi - and she has quite a lot to tell her, remembering many things from her past.
And what a great closing scene when actually Mayu (of all people!) understands enough English (she lived in London before she returned to Japan, remember?) to overhear Tina's phone call...

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