Bubblegum Crisis - 7: Double Vision

Title:Bubblegum Crisis
Episode:7: Double Vision
A GENOM executive inks a pact with the Gulf & Bradley Corporation to produce a sophisticated new combat Boomer. McLaren, G&B's Boomer expert, is looking forward to sampling the pleasures of MegaTokyo while working on the project. The festivities are rudely interupted by a powerful crab-like Mecha, and McLaren is the only survivor of the attack. Meanwhile, in MegaTokyo, the big news is the upcoming concert by Vision, a very famous and very mysterious Rock Star. But the concert is just a cover. She's really here to avenge the murder of her little sister, Irene, who was killed by a GENOM Boomer. Having arrived in the city, and witnessed another attack by the mysterious Mecha, McLaren arranges for some protection for himself--The Knight Sabers!
This episode seemed to leapfrog forward in terms of quality, having a distinctly more professional feel to it. A good deal more care seemed to have been taken than usual to compose an intriguing plot without resting on the laurels of previous episodes.

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