City Hunter - 55: Kaori In Danger! Love Means Saying Goodbye (part 2)

Title:City Hunter
Episode:55: Kaori In Danger! Love Means Saying Goodbye (part 2)
The "Silver Fox" has vowed to kill Kaori within three days. Ryo seems unwilling to protect her, since she's neither a paying client nor his lover, so Kaori turns elsewhere for help. However, Umibozu is unenthusiastic, and has a phobia about women anyway; Reika apparently would love to take her place as Ryo's partner; and Saeko happens to be with Ryo when Kaori comes to appeal for help. Kaori is aghast when she overhears Ryo describe her as "some loser who won't even try to put out her own fires" and who consequently "has no right to be City Hunter's partner!". In fact, Ryo knew she was listening, and afterwards admits to Saeko that he made two very careless and unprofessional mistakes in front of Kaori at the Sun City Observation Lounge. "I'm going to protect Kaori from him" Ryo declares, "Then it's goodbye". Kaori goes back to Umibozu, and Reika reports she has made off with all the weaponry she could carry. Later, Silver Fox is stunned to see a prominent digital billboard carrying the message "Attention Silver Fox! I challenge you to a showdown! Come to Tokyo harbor landfill D. (signed) Kaori Makimura"...
I thought the first half of this episode was getting too serious (and not making much sense owing to Ryo's inexplicably heartless attitude) but I liked the way it ended. However, for once I think part one of a two-parter was better. My grade: B

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