City Hunter - 54: Kaori In Danger! Love Means Saying Goodbye (part 1)

Title:City Hunter
Episode:54: Kaori In Danger! Love Means Saying Goodbye (part 1)
Kaori tells Ryo that for several days she's had the feeling that someone was watching her. She mentions hearing the click of a camera, and suspects she's being photographed too. Ryo takes her to a booth that sells "unauthorized idol photos", and pictures of her are a hot item! Suddenly, a shot from a sniper rings out and comes within an inch of Kaori's head. Later, Ryo and Kaori find a note at the Shinjuku station: "XYZ: I'll be waiting in the Sun City observation lounge at 8:00 PM this evening --Silver". Ryo insists that he go meet this new "client" alone, even though that's normally Kaori's job. Professional assasin "Silver Fox" is there to issue a formal challenge--partly for revenge, and partly for the prestige that defeating the famous Ryo Saeba will earn him. He declares that unless Ryo can stop him, he will kill Kaori within three days. Funny thing is, he seems to have misunderstood the relationship between Ryo and Kaori...
This one was pretty neat. Lots of comedy and somehow Silver Fox isn't just another pure evil opponent--even he has a slightly comic element to him. The action wasn't entirely plausible--as usual--but I don't particularly care. My grade: B+

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