Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai - 9: It Cries!

Title:Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai
Episode:9: It Cries!
Still seperated from Arumi, Sasshi is with Eutus when he sprouts a horn just as Arumi did in the previous episode. Eutus explains this by saying that they have essentially become the "goblins" that they have made a habit of searching for in order to leap to different worlds. As Eutus and Sasshi travel to 10th century Kyoto, Eutus provides a detailed explanation of his actual identity, what set Sasshi's series of leaps to variations of the Abenobashi arcade in motion, and the difficult choice he will have to make about going back to the original one...
If you are anything like me, this is an episode that will have to be watched at least twice if you hope to have any understanding of why things are going the way they are. The loss of a spiritual "balance" that ceramic figures of four animals once provided to the arcade has been left far behind as an explanation for the interdimensional leaps Sasshi and Arumi have been undergoing. In short, a whole new dimension is revealed in this episode.

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